27th SEA Games & Frontiir

Frontiir is Official Information & Communications Technology Sponsor and Partner of SEA Games. We’re proud to power the 27th SEA Games with our Private Network, intranet between 4 cities, and SEA Games Verification and Information System (SVIS). To contribute to the 27th SEA Games success, Frontiir donated the technology to quickly deliver the Game scores and to verify the Delegates.

Frontiir SEA Games Private Network

Frontiir designed and deployed the SEA Games Private Network for 27th SEA Games to provide secure data connection between SEA Games data center and 24 venues, covering four cities in Myanmar. Private Network was deployed using existing fiber network provided by MPT. The private network will be exclusively used by Games Management System (GMS) and SEA Games Verification and Information System (SVIS). GMS is the official game management system used to collect data for all sporting even during SEA Games. Through the Private Network, official game results were updated instantaneously on various media platforms.

Frontiir SEA Games Verification and Information System (SVIS)

35k delegates, including athletes, participated in 27th SEA Games. Frontiir built SVIS system to provide verification of their accreditation for all venues of SEA Games. Fixed and mobile verification stations were deployed at 36 locations covering 24 venues. All delegates were issued ID card with a barcode. SVIS client used the barcode to verify everyone entering the venue. The SVIS system was built using Frontiir OpenERP system.
SEA Games Mobile application was also launched for free download, which enabled Delegates to access SVIS information as well as Game information for the public. Fantasy football game was with prizes were included in the app for entertainment in the spirit of the SEA Games. The mobile application will gave crucial Game information to delegates, and also using the app, attendees were be able to exchange their information among their peers by simply letting their peer scan their barcode.

History of Southeast Asian (SEA) Games

Myanmar successfully hosted the 27th SEA Games in Naypyitaw, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwe Saung, 40 decades after the last time the country hosted the SEA Games. The 5th Games, then known as SEAP Games or Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, was the last one to be hosted in Rangoon (now Yangon) in 1969.
The idea of Southeast Asian Peninsula Games was first discussed in 1958 during the Third Asian Games held in Tokyo and later in the year, the representatives from Burma(Myanmar), Malaya(Malaysia), Laos, South Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand to discuss on the concept. The Southeast Asian Peninsula (SEAP) Games Federation was then formed in the following year to oversee the Games, Singapore was included as the founding members along with the original six nations. It was agreed then to hold friendly games every two years improve the friendship among SEAP Countries. The first SEAP Games were held in Bangkok from 12-17 December 1959, with more than 527 athletes and officials participating in 12 sports.
The SEAP Games Federation agreed to give the honor of hosting the SEAP Games to the member organization of each country in rotation in alphabetical order. The hosting of 2nd SEAP Games was thus held in Burma in 1961 with over 800 athletes and officials participating.
Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines were formally admitted to the SEAP Games Federation (SEAPGF) after the 8th SEAP Games and the Games became known as Southeast Asian Games (SEA) Games. East-Leste (East-Timor) became the last nation to be added to the Games in 2003.
After long absence from hosting, Myanmar proudly hosted the 27th SEA Games. The theme for 2013 27th SEA Game was “Green, Clean, and Friendship”. The Games were held from 11th to 22nd December 2013 and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were held in Wunna Theikdi Stadium in Nay Pyi Taw. Total of 28 sporting events were held for the 2013 Games, featuring up to 7,000 athletes from 11 participating nations.

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