Accounting and Finance

Accounting & Finance provides fully integrated accounting module. It covers Financial Accounting, Analytic Accounting, Bank Interfaces, Multi-Currencies, Multi-Charts, Validation Workflows, Easy Payment Management, Invoice Control, Dashboard and Key Performance Indicator, Consolidation, Budget and Assets Management. The system allows keeping track of accounting, and provides easy way to follow up with yours customer and supplier. It generates valuable financial report such as General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Gross Profit Analysis, Tax Management, Profitability Report and Trial Balance and also supports most of forms such as Sale Receipt, Sale Voucher, Supplier Voucher, Purchase Voucher, and Customer/Supplier Payment.

Key Features

  • accountReal Time consolidation of multiple charts
  • Support electronic bank format
  • Integrated core Analytic/cost Accounting
  • Workflows on budget
  • Multi currencies management
  • Different methods of costing
  • Accounting workflow for invoicing and payment
  • Payment preparation system

Solution Goals

  • Cross reporting with other modules
  • No more re-encoding, all documents are pre-generated
  • Timesheet or task are analytic cost on project
  • Manage holidays, expense tracking
  • Analytic budgets are integrated to the project management module
  • Import and automation reconciliation when encoding bank statement
  • Track of changes on asset
  • Visibility of payment from any modules


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