Deployment Process

wifi-picFrontiir deliver solutions that provide best possible WiFi connectivity and customer data collection for enterprises.

As the Frontiir’s strength is in our technical experts, we ensure unparalleled WiFi connectivity through:

  • Active Monitoring:
    • Our system includes monitoring tools for you to detect problems in the network so that connectivity is at its best. Our customers can select to either leverage our trained support team or their own specialized IT team to monitor and maintain the network after deployment. Our active monitoring options includes, but are not limited to, services such as Cacti, Nagios, Syslog, Smokeping, etc.
  • High Peak-time usability:
    • Frontiir WiFi solutions can optimize the full usage of available internet bandwidth. This is important especially if you have limited amount of bandwidth and want to maintain a good user experience. Our team can help you by setting up load balancing, admission control, and more. We consult the customers on how they would like to use their bandwidth by laying out the pros and cons to help them decide best strategy.

Our enterprise customers can collect the user data through our advanced data collection systems:

  • Location-based data collection:
    • We provide firewall systems that can also collect traffic data to be analyzed. Our clients can see how their networks are being used, such as what are the most traffic intensive websites, what devices, browsers or operating systems are used by most on their network.
  • Customer Profile:
    • Our solution’s software capabilities include surveys to collect user information, enabling our customers to make better business decisions through data rich market analysis. We have experience in deploying Captive portals connected to Radius servers to collect specific user data.

Consultation and Installation Steps

Frontiir’s engineers are trained to design and deploy the networks with the customers in mind. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction and our aim is to design the best performance networking solution possible based on requirements of the clients.

Our typical services include the following:

Frontiir Network Monitoring System

Initial Contact and Site Survey:

The first contact with our customers, accompanied by the site survey, is usually very important for the initial setup and to understand their needs.  Wireless signals travel differently on different terrains and environments. That is the reason why we survey the area to design the network in the best way possible. At Frontiir, we have the best tools, knowledge, and experiences to tailor the most effective solution to any wireless situation. We can also integrate our system to existing ones if already installed previously.


  • Ubiquiti
    • Ubiquiti Networks have a track record on a full scale high-quality, yet affordable networking gear all over the world. They manufacture and distribute quality products ranging from switches, routers, wireless devices for both client use or point-to-point to surveillance cameras, outdoor network cables and injectors. They also provide controller software for each devices for easy configuration using the web UI or to collect data across the devices for analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Ruckus
    • Ruckus Wireless is a market leader in smart wireless systems, allowing carriers and enterprises to provide high-bandwidth applications and services. Their Smart Wi-Fi technology promises wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordabilityThey offer a wide range of purpose-built Smart Wi-Fi products for both enterprises and service providers. System Setup and Monitoring:
  • System Integration
    • A network cannot operate without a brain, the backend servers. Frontiir provide professional consultation and deployment of switching, routing, firewall, data storage, email, backup servers and more.
    • Our crew consists of talented individuals who excel at working in teams to deliver the best performing backend systems.
  • Monitoring Tools
    • Maintenance is the key to long lasting networks. In order to maintain, network admins need an overview of the network, such as traffic, slowness, device failures, ping responses, failure logs, device load and the usage of the network.
    • Frontiir’s engineers can not only monitor the network using specific tools, but can also train your IT department to be able to maintain the network.


We provide our customers with

  • Basic network layout :
    • For their record to keep if they decide to extend it further in the future.
  • Signal strength test :
    • To have a record of how their wireless network coverage looks like.
  • Network hand-off document and training :
    • For your company’s IT technicians to be able to work with the network.


Maintenance and Support:

Our solutions come with maintenance and support on both Hardware and Software, with additional option to extend the coverage period. Trained network site engineers will help you diagnose and detect problems in your network and provide solutions. We are local, so you can be sure that our service team will be at the site quickly.

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