DIA Dedicated Internet Access

Internet Service with Dedicated Access for High Performance
  • Dedicated bandwidth unlike existing internet service providers with shared bandwidth (e.g., DSL, FTTx, WiMax, 3G)
  • Other internet providers do not provide SLA.
  • Frontiir DIA has multiple uplink redundancy.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarantee
  • Ease of mind on performance. Only provider with SLA guarantees (high availability) and penalty.
Highly Secure Communications
  • Multiple-levels of security to protect your crucial & confidential communications
7 days/week committed support
  • Highly trained support team to support via email, phone and site visits

DIA vs. Shared Internet Services

Subscribed Bandwidth 4 Mbps 4 Mbps 2 Mbps
Peak Hour Speed 4 Mbps 0.20 Mbps 0.10 Mbps
Contention Ratio 1:1 1:20 1:20

Dedicated bandwidth provides 1:1 consistent download speed throughout peak and off peak hours to many Internet destinations.

Security Benefit

Security Benefit

Additional Services

Value Added Services

  • Redundant Last Mile Wireless Link
    • Optional at additional cost
  • Private network to connect multiple branches within the country
    • For banks to run core banking software
    • For enterprises to run ERP software
  • Managed Customer’s CPE
  • Managed VPN
  • Managed Indoor WiFi
  • Managed IT Infrastructure (from client to data center)





Frontiir’s DIA Metro Fiber
Available Speeds:
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
4 Mbps
8 Mbps
> 50 Mbps


Lead Time 1-4 weeks 1-3 months
24/7 NOC Monitoring
7-days/week Customer Hotline
Dedicated Bandwidth
Packet Loss Rates Very Low High (up to 20%)
Latency low high
Annual Fees
  • DIA has better performance, SLA and customer support!
  • Best for critical software (e.g., core banking, ERP)
  • Best for critical Internet usage (email, video conferencing, large downloads)

Customer Highlights

At Coca-Cola, Frontiir deployed DIA service to provide connectivity between multiple offices and warehouse in greater Yangon area at high speed, optimized using Riverbed solutions.
When Pin Lone Hospital, one of the top hospitals, needed high speed and reliable internet service to communicate to University of Pittsburg Medical Center in the US, Frontiir DIA was the solution to provide stable VPN connection with Fortigate firewall. Within weeks, the connectivity issue was resolved by Frontiir team, enabling the hospital’s crucial communications with Cancer Center.


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