Domestic Privately Leased Circuit

  • Point-to-Multipoint Connectivity
  • Secure VPN Service
  • Quick Deployment
  • Active SLA Monitoring System with NOC
Challenges Banks in Myanmar are Facing
  • Costly Internet/WAN connection for each branch
    • Too costly (High CAPEX & OPEX)
    • Not easy to get reliable Internet/WAN connection for every branch in all cities thus slowing down new branch rollouts
    • High latency impacts mission critical applications
  • Complex VPN connection for each branch to HQ/DC
    • Too many VPN sessions to maintain at HQ/DC – hard to scale and maintain
    • Require WAN optimization for every branch (High CAPEX & OPEX)
    • Require IT person to maintain every branch thus IT team is too busy firefighting to maintain stable connectivity – affecting the pace of core banking rollout
    • Each branch with its own VPN and WAN optimization (More costly)
    • More VPN tunnels at HQ/DC thus complex to maintain
    • Require more capacity for VPN Hub and WAN optimization at HQ/DC
  • Lack of SLA from service providers
    • Many branches with unreliable connectivity
    • TTR (Time to Restore) of the service is slow
    • Too many parties to deal with when things go wrong


Frontiir’s DPLC Solutions for Banks
  • Reduced number of WAN connections
    • Have one branch as a local hub within a city
    • Keep a WAN connection at each hub branch
    • Setup redundant and secure local connections between branches in each city
    • Set up a VPN session from each hub branch to HQ/DC
  • Managed service with SLA
    • Provide secure and optimized connections
    • Provide SLA with robust service quality monitoring mechanism
    • 24 hours hotline & 7 days customer support
  • One Stop Worry-Free Service for Banks
    • Dedicated Internet Access for mobile banking
    • Private Network for core banking terminals
    • Low Capex
    • Clean and efficient network design
    • Highly adaptive and scalable to support growth
    • Redundant and secure connections with 24×7 uptime monitoring




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