Chin state equipment donation

Frontiir contributed equipment and expertise to setup communication system and to facilitate Disaster Response Software in partnership with ASORCOM (Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities), to aid in rehabilitation of hard hit Chin State. ASORCOM will be leading the deployment and operations of the wireless network to connect dozens of villages, most of which are without any communications method.

Frontiir is contributing:

  1. Wireless Network
    a.  We have designed the Mesh network that connects 5 remote sites to each other and to Kale across several tens of sq km.
    b.  We are donating the equipment needed to build the network and pre-configured the equipment, and
    c.  We will be sending our senior engineer to train the ASORCOM in Kale who will be deploying the network.
  2. Disaster Response Software
    a.  Frontiir is hosting Disaster Response Software that can coordinate the effort as well as coordinate donations from the primarily Chin people outside of the country
    b.  We also created another instance on a mini-PC that will be hosted in Kale and can be synced via Internet to our DC hosted instance.

With equipment donation valued at $3,624. Frontiir friends and family total donation comes to 62.57L.

Why build a wireless network in disaster area? 

Because infrastructure is not there for any type of communication and wireless network can reach dozens of villages.  Communication is important in recovery and rebuilding after such a disaster is hard hit. In partnership with ASORCOM, we are doing what can to help rebuild Chin state. Frontiir would like to thank employees and friends who made this possible.

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