Enterprise ICT

Frontiir provides Enterprise Information & Communications Technology (Enterprise ICT) services and solutions especially designed for Myanmar businesses. Our philosophy is to be successful together with our customers. We work hand-in-hand with each customer to deliver an end-to-end solution that not only meets its current business needs but is also flexible to adapt changing business conditions. To that end, the Frontiir team will work with each customer from planning and defining effective business processes to developing the solution and operating the service. We have a strong track record of providing innovative solutions to deliver the most affordable and the highest performing capabilities to maximize price-performance relationship.

Frontiir Data Center

Frontiir Data Center

Frontiir’s Enterprise Information & Communications Technology offers complete solutions from small turn-key server packages to complex customized solutions.

Frontiir’s enterprise ICT services includes: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise IT Services.

With Frontiir as your ICT partner, you can leverage our technical expertise to compete in any business environment. Our highly capable team offers the following:

  • Complete Solutions
    • We provide complete solutions covering analysis, implementation, training, maintenance, support and IT strategy.
  • Focus on Customer Business Challenges:
    • Study customer business challenges and offer most optimal solution for the customer
    • Focus on improving customer business processes and accounting using ERP
  • Capabilities
    • Global experience at world Fortune 100 companies yet has extensive local Insight
    • Has experience and resources to take on complex and most challenging enterprise ERP implementation
  • Agile Methodology
    • We embrace agile methodologies which enable us to deliver solutions that meet customers need on schedule with highest quality
    • Training and POC deliver early in the project cycle
  • Local Presence
    • Our team resides in Myanmar
  • After Sales Services
    • We provide enterprise maintenance and support offerings along with training as needed
  • Minimize Risk
    • We offer proven products customized for local needs with global standards and best practices
  • Price
    • We offer 8-10 times cheaper than our competitors in neighboring countries

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