Frontiir ERP

Frontiir’s dynamic team has decades of proven experience in implementing end-to-end IT and Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions and cloud computing services in the areas of retail management, resource management, manufacturing, financial services and business intelligence for companies in US, Europe and Asia. We bring a unique combination of global business insights, the capability to operate locally with world-class technical talents, and a deep understanding of local cultural aspects and business challenges.

As the first OpenERP partner in Myanmar, our highly capable in-house technical team has delivered various projects, from extensively complex customization to smaller scale ready-made solutions, to meet each individual customer needs in Myanmar.

We work hand-in-hand with each customer to deliver an end-to-end solution that not only meets its current business needs but is also flexible to adapt changing business conditions. Our ERP solutions will deliver to businesses a 10x price-performance advantage over prevailing prices. Our experts understand global best practices and industry specific needs across all functions. A few examples of our wide range of services include:


Frontiir’s operations are run locally, with a deep understanding of market specific needs that are unique to each country. Furthermore, our highly capable in-house technical team offers turn-key solution packages for small businesses to tailor customized solutions for complex businesses. We sincerely believe in long term success of our customers. Frontiir is committed to solving extraordinary challenges in partnership with our customers to successfully compete in global economy.

ERP-based POS (Standard Edition)

  • Perfect solution for:
    • Owners of 1-5 retail shops who want to link data between all systems and manage from HQ without extensive customization
  • Solution
    • Point of Sales (POS) Terminals
    • Accounting linked to POS System
    • Warehouse Management with inventory control
    • Whole Sales and Purchase Management
    • Data linked between all systems for instant reporting capabilities
    • User Guide + Training
    • Support included
    • Regular maintenance updates

ERP-based POS (Premium Edition)

  • Perfect solution for:
    • Owners of 1-10 shops who want to link data between all systems and customize features to suit business flow
  • Solution
    • Everything form ERP-based POS Standard Edition
    • Full featured accounting module linked to POS system
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customization
    • User Guide + Training
    • One-time initial data import
    • Daily HQ database backup

*Frontiir ERP Support Model:

  • We provide 3 levels of supports:
    • L1 support will cover simple functional and technical support, no code changes.
    • L2 support will cover complex functional scenarios and simple code changes such as reports, filters, etc.
    • L3 support will cover complex technical and architecture challenges.
  • Onsite visit travel expenses will be billed to customer at cost.
  • You may buy additional support hours beyond allocated hours at a low rate.

Work with us!

Frontiir welcomes for the talent of all experience levels and industries to join in our efforts.