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frontiir_storeSo what is it like to work at Frontiir? We enjoy the usual coding and testing new models just like any high tech company would be but we also spend time on learning in depth through vigorous training. I want to share with you some interesting things about my recent trip to Penang at Dell certification center. We attended Dell storage foundation course at Asia Pacific Region Dell HQ (Penang, Malaysia). Penang is a beautiful tropical island and plenty of interesting food to eat. Weather is pleasant.

frontiir_storeWe have just finished Dell APJ_APCC_ENT_Server Buffer, APJ_APCC_ENT_ESF_L1_Server Advancement and APJ_APCC_ENT_ESF_L1_Storage Foundation after 3 weeks period. The goals of the trainings are to become familiar with their enterprise server products and provide front line technical support for Dell servers in Myanmar. We also got hands on experiences on different kinds of Dell servers and storage servers. They used hundreds of high ends servers in their labs. I think that these knowledge are not only for Dell server but also can apply on other enterprise product like HP servers because basic principle are same for all enterprise servers. When I come back to my office, I have to make documentations and share this knowledge to other team members.

I also got a chance to see how marvelous a multinational company is. It has over 3000 employees in this campus. Their cafeteria can hold over 1000 persons simultaneously and sell verities of foods to their employees with only half price of local price. They gave a lot of facilities (eg medical, special price for Dell products) and I found that a lot of young peoples are working actively and happily in their cubicles.

frontiir_storeI also found a lot of meeting rooms and vending machines for coffee and cold drinks. In weekends, although I’ve very limited amount of money in hands, I had  visited different exotic destinations in Penang, took a lot of photographs and tasted different kinds of local foods. We will be certified in Dell server and storage servicing after we finish our class and assessment. I’m very excited to gain this knowledge to better serve our customers and cannot wait to share this with everyone at Frontiir.


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