Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people and help bridge the global digital divide.

85% of the world’s populations live in developing countries. A large fraction of them live in frontier countries with per capital GDP of a few thousand dollars or less and a typical broadband penetration rate in a single digit. Broadband access cost is often multiple times higher in those countries than in developed countries and businesses and consumers do not typically utilize IT services. We think this is a problem that is worth solving and we believe we can play a big role in solving this global problem. We envision three implementation phases in helping overcome the world’s digital divide. The end-states of these phases are as follows.

  • Affordable Digital Information Access: most have access to affordable and effective communications services.
  • Access to Useful IT Services: most use ubiquitous IT services to improve productivity, healthcare & quality of life.
  • Become Providers of Services: most actively participate in digital economies to earn money and further their causes.

We currently focus on realizing solutions for the first phase while laying foundation for the second phase. While we are committed to realizing ubiquitous and affordable digital access to consumers, our story is incomplete without addressing the digital divide experienced by businesses in frontier countries. Most of these businesses do not have reliable IT infrastructure and are at a significant disadvantage in competing against large multi-national corporations. The success of local businesses in a frontier country is not only important for creating local jobs but also critical for ensuring long-term sustainability of its progress towards a more developed country. Thus, we also focus on delivering enterprise IT solutions and services for local businesses at most affordable prices so that they can close the productivity and agility gaps that exist between them and their multi-national competitors. Our approach to solving these problems is to innovate to deliver most affordable and the highest performing capabilities. Our solutions tend to demonstrate 10x price-performance advantage over comparable ones available in developed countries. In fact, we think that an order of magnitude gain in price-performance is a must to solve the aforementioned problems since the GDP of a typical frontier country is less than one-tenth of a typical developed country. There are however advantages to frontier countries in coming from behind. We can observe the technological evolution that had already taken place in developed countries and choose to adopt the right technologies at the present time. We do not need or want to replicate the technology adoption steps in the same way that had happened in developed countries. Cellphones are a great example. There are now more mobile than fixed broadband access available in developing countries. As we dissect the infocomm technology evolution and understand the challenges that are specific to each frontier country, we can rethink and leapfrog and arrive at an innovative solution in achieving 10x price-performance. That’s our approach!

Work with us!

Frontiir welcomes for the talent of all experience levels and industries to join in our efforts.