Myanmar Net

Frontiir launched Myanmar Net in 2015 for consumers. Myanmar Net is an Internet Service aimed to be the fastest in Myanmar at an affordable rate. We believe that internet is for everyone. Therefore, through simple steps, we make our internet service easily accessible.

We thrive to deliver an affordable, fast and reliable internet service. Because we believe everyone deserves high speed internet, we offer our service at a relatively low rate. Our powerful technology keeps you connected at an incredible speed through safe and secure network. Moreover, our extensive coverage gives our users easy access.

Being a product of Frontiir, a world-class Enterprise ICT solution provider, at Myanmar Net, we believe in constantly improving our technology. Led by experienced professionals who hold several US patents, our team consists only of the best in the industry. At Myanmar Net, we are passionate about revolutionizing Myanmar’s communication structure.

Through our secure network, we offer the most enjoyable and convenient user experience at a comparatively low price. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology, we aim to enrich the lifestyles of Myanmar people.

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