At Frontiir, our core value of giving back shapes our culture, drives our success and reflects what is truly important to us. Our team is led by Myanmar-born technology experts with vested personal interests in helping rebuild the country, and together with highly capable and enthusiastic Myanmar teammates, we are highly motivated to play a key role in accelerating the success of Myanmar. We believe in the good will and determination of the people of Myanmar, and their capabilities to achieve remarkable results.

Frontiir also believes that technology plays an essential role in propelling the country’s success. We can leverage information and communications technology for social welfare in improving education, healthcare, and livelihoods of rural population. Technology can be a tool to enable entrepreneurship in small villages, reduce poverty, increase literacy, grant affordable access to healthcare, and overall achieve sustainable development in rural areas.

As the company’s first philanthropic effort, Frontiir focused on leveraging technology in education sector. We donated capital and labor costs of building effective WiFi-based campus-wide networks and implemented University Digital Networks (UniNet) to enhance learning capabilities and inspire future generation.

Specifically, we funded and implemented:

  • A campus-wide WiFi network covering indoor and outdoor locations over 10 acres at the University of Computer Studies Yangon (Bahan)
  • Necessary core IT infrastructure at UCSY (Bahan)
  • A high speed inter-campus wireless network between UCSY (Bahan), ICTTI (Hlaing) and YTU as the first phase of UniNet by interconnecting these universities using long-range wireless backhauls to enable seamless high-speed communication and IT services such as video conferencing, email, collaboration and information sharing services.
  • UniNet will enable online educational learning programs among local universities and integration of online courses (via edX and Coursera) delivered by leading American institutions. We also plan to help realize collaboration between US and Myanmar universities to benefit teachers and students.

For 27 th SEA Games, Frontiir provided technology for issuing and verifying Accreditation and private network to deliver the scores. Frontiir does have the authority to manage the operations, including issuing and verifying, and informing the public. The fees for the cards are specified and collected by the appropriate governmental agencies. To contribute to the 27 th SEA Games success, Frontiir donated the technology to quickly deliver the Game scores and to verify the Delegates. Frontiir will continue to work together with governmental agencies and the public to make the 27 th SEA Games a success for Myanmar.

Our goal is to continue charitable operations and investments to improve social welfare. The strength of our team is rooted in our passion for technology, philanthropy and optimism for the future of Myanmar.

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