Point-of-Sales (POS) Solutions

The Point-of-sales solutions enable you to modernize customer transactions and keep operations running efficiently. Our POS Solutions are a complete integrated solution with supreme ease of use, affordability, and reliability; the comprehensive modules designed to help users in successful their process and control. It is a highly versatile solution suitable for business owners, regardless of a single store or a multi stores format. It helps merchants level the playing field in today’s competitive environment and will solve a multitude of problems in your business.

Benefits of using a POS system

  • Reduce Shrinkage
  • Manage Specials
  • Maintain Control
  • Timely and Accurate Reports
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce costly inventory overheads
  • Speed up your checkout lines
  • Enhancing customer and inventory tracking
  • Total control of business

Key strengths of Point-of-Sales (POS) solutions include:

  • Enhancing vendors’ productivity
  • Software customization &supports
  • Complete integrated solution
  • Comprehensive modules to cater to businesses’ needs

Frontiir POS

It’s fully web based so that you don’t have to install or deploy any software and all the sales shops can be easily consolidated.

It works in connected and disconnected mode so that you can continue to sell if you lose your internet connection.


ERP-based POS (Standard Edition)

  • Perfect solution for:
    • Owners of 1-5 retail shops who want to link data between all systems and manage from HQ without extensive customization
  • Solution
    • Point of Sales (POS) Terminals
    • Accounting linked to POS System
    • Warehouse Management with inventory control
    • Whole Sales and Purchase Management
    • Data linked between all systems for instant reporting capabilities
    • User Guide + Training
    • Support included
    • Regular maintenance updates

ERP-based POS (Premium Edition)

  • Perfect solution for:
    • Owners of 1-10 shops who want to link data between all systems and customize features to suit business flow
  • Solution
    • Everything form ERP-based POS Standard Edition
    • Full featured accounting module linked to POS system
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customization
    • User Guide + Training
    • One-time initial data import
    • Daily HQ database backup

*Frontiir ERP Support Model:

  • We provide 3 levels of supports:
    • L1 support will cover simple functional and technical support, no code changes.
    • L2 support will cover complex functional scenarios and simple code changes such as reports, filters, etc.
    • L3 support will cover complex technical and architecture challenges.
  • Onsite visit travel expenses will be billed to customer at cost.
  • You may buy additional support hours beyond allocated hours at a low rate.

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