Warehouse & Inventory Management

The beauty of Warehouse & Inventory Management is that it saves time, makes businesses more efficient and reduces expenses. You can dramatically slash your carrying costs by making sure you keep enough products in your warehouse without going overboard and never run out of stock. Keep a closer eye on inventory. Speed inventory turns and reduce amount spent on slow-moving products.

Warehouse & Inventory Management Benefits

  • Improve Customer Relationships
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Ensure accurate product tracking
  • Increase Warehouse and Distribution Center Efficiencies
  • Decrease time and money spent correcting employee errors through an extensive audit trail

Key strengths

  • Items management and item queries
  • Receipt to stock, release from stock, and stock transactions
  • Warehouse transfer and serial numbers
  • Inventory revaluation
  • Customer and vendor catalog
  • Price lists and special pricing
  • Batch management
  • Pick and pack


Warehouse Management

This product invented the double-entry inventory management system which allows managing complex needs very easily: tracking stocks of suppliers/customers, full traceability, accounting links, etc. It supports multi-warehouse management based on hierarchical locational structure. Manage your own internal locations, external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories.

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