Frontiir in Myanmar

Upon the liberation of Myanmar telecoms sector in 2014, internet use has rapidly increased from 6 million users in 2014 to almost 22 million users in 2019. Frontiir launched Myanmar Net internet services in 2015, and is the only service provider which serves the poor with low-cost unlimited fast broadband internet with prepaid cards – daily, weekly and monthly, as low as US$ 0.13 a day.

In line with Frontiir’s mission, to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people and help bridge the global digital divide, Frontiir is proud to be able to contribute largely to increasing the internet access in Myanmar. As of 2020, Frontiir’s Myanmar Net is the largest Internet Service Provider in Myanmar with more than 2 million monthly users in seven large cities and is rapidly expanding.

With its proprietary patented WiFi mesh technology, Frontiir was able to put Yangon and Mandalay on the world map as two of the few cities in the world with WiFi coverage throughout the city, enabling the population to access the internet in public spaces.

Job creation being one of the company’s aims, 99.9% of Frontiir’s 2,400 employees are Myanmar and majority of the employees send their remittance back to their families in the rural areas. Frontiir will continue to create jobs with its rapid expansion to the remaining regions in Myanmar over the next five years, including 8% of the rural areas, creating more opportunities and a greater sense of connection.