Godfrey Tan (aka) Wai Lin Tun, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO

Dr Godfrey Tan, also known as Wai Lin Tun, is Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Frontiir. Dr Wai Lin Tun was born and raised in downtown Yangon and completed his high school education at Dagon 1. He graduated with B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) with the Highest Honors from UC Berkeley. In addition, he holds S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in EECS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His doctoral thesis was about improving aggregate user throughput and providing fairness in multi-rate WiFi networks. He has published more than a dozen papers in wireless networking, cloud computing and business intelligence and holds several US and international patents in the area of networking and computing. 

Godfrey focuses on vision and strategies for Frontiir while driving strategic initiatives, continuous capital efficiency improvements and product formulations. Under his leadership, Frontiir has been continuously developing low-cost proprietary technologies and growing rapidly to provide unlimited broadband Internet service to millions in Myanmar for as low as $0.13 per day per person and $5.3 per month per household. Frontiir today is the largest fixed broadband provider in Myanmar propelling the country’s broadband penetration to new heights in both urban and rural areas alike.

Prior to founding Frontiir, Godfrey spent seven years at Intel, holding various roles as senior product strategist, program manager and lead architect. In his most recent role as senior product strategist, he was responsible for all facets of some of Intel Cloud Services Platform products and drove the strategies and execution of those products from planning and development to beta launch. He also managed the Intel AppUp Developer Program for a year and spent several years as lead architect for the Intel data centers resource management initiative and business intelligence programs for silicon design computing. The successful execution of these strategic initiatives helped Intel save tens of millions of dollars in annual capital expense and has improved business agility since 2007. For his contributions, Godfrey received many awards at Intel, including the prestigious Intel Achievement Award. He also worked as a software developer at Echelon for a couple of years and interned at HP Labs and Mazu Networks.

Allen Miu, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Allen Miu is a Co-founder of Frontiir and serves as Chief Technology Officer. Before founding Frontiir, Dr. Mui served seven years as a Wireless System Architect and Principal Engineer at Ruckus Wireless, Inc., a newly listed company on NYSE with over USD$1.6 Billion capitalization. Dr. Mui initially helped develop Ruckus’s 802.11n Enterprise and IPTV platforms and later became the chief architect and lead developer behind Ruckus SmartMesh, a WiFi based self-forming, self-healing multi-hop directional wireless networking system. SmartMesh has been deployed to support a wide variety of applications such as Mobile Data offload, Wireless DSL, Hotspots, Hotzones, Femtocell and Picocell backhauling. Dr. Mui works tirelessly with carrier customers worldwide to help plan, troubleshoot, and optimize their wireless deployments.

Having had successful tenure at Ruckus, Dr. Mui now leads Frontiir’s technical team to fulfill the company’s mission of delivering affordable and innovative digital solutions to local schools, businesses, and the common people of Myanmar. Dr. Allen Miu holds a B.Sc. in EECS with Highest Honors from UC Berkeley, and S.M. and PhD degrees in CS from MIT. He has published over 10 conference papers and articles and holds five US patents on wireless local area networks and mobile location systems.

Minn Thein, Co-Founder & Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Minn Thein is a co-founder of Frontiir and serves as CAO. Mr. Thein brings 14 years of consulting, building, and leading globally distributed IT engineering teams delivering highly complex enterprise business solutions to multinational corporations and governments. Prior to joining Frontiir, Mr. Thein was a Senior Director at Avanade where he had built and led high-performing product engineering teams in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products for Avanade Software and Cloud Services (SCS) organization. Prior to SCS, Mr. Thein worked as a senior developer and architect for Avanade Connected Architecture (ACA.NET) where he designed and built enterprise software development platforms. Mr. Thein holds BSEE from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a technology patent in the area of SOA architecture.