Founded in 2013 by Myanmar-born MIT doctorate and ICT expert Dr. Godfrey Tan (also known as Wai Lin Tun) together with co-founders MIT doctorate Dr. Allen Miu and Mr. Minn Thein, Frontiir is an international company with the main operating subsidiary in Myanmar. Although Frontiir has reputable western investors that follow global governance standards, Frontiir remains firmly in control of Godfrey and his friends. Known simply by his friends and colleagues as “Ko Wai Lin”, he has been leading Frontiir and its popular Myanmar Net service with a passion for engineering and innovation and an unrelenting dedication and focus to provide internet access at a price that everyone can afford in Myanmar. Frontiir employs a few thousand employees across several cities and more than 99% of its employees are Myanmar-born. Frontiir prides itself of being able to do quality innovation recognized at the international level. The popular consumer brand name “Myanmar Net” itself was selected over “Frontiir Net” or other fancy names in 2015 so that Myanmar people can be proud that the affordable and high-quality internet service is made possible by a team of Myanmar-born people united to its mission.

Frontiir’s missions is to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people while bridging the global digital divide. This mission was achieved with the launch of Myanmar Net brand internet services in Myanmar, which is now providing low-cost high-speed broadband internet services to 2 million users in Myanmar for as little as US$ 0.13 per day.

Myanmar Net network is developed with Frontiir’s unique proprietary technology, which is highly cost-effective, and is the world largest Single Home WiFi network (US-Patented on the Network Access Gateway architecture). In addition to the patented network and systems design, Frontiir’s world class engineers also developed a number of hardware products specifically designed to efficiently deploy within the network. Frontiir received ASEAN Business Award in innovations (2018) and ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Award (2019) for innovative technology. Five years since the deployment of the Myanmar Net network in Myanmar, Frontiir has been able to improve on its technical design and achieve further enhanced cost effectiveness, enabling network expansion to rural areas.

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