Research Centers

Although our headquarters and main operations are in Myanmar, Frontiir operates Research and Development Centers in Yangon, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, and Singapore, building on global high tech developments, spanning from broadband networks, power systems, business and operations automations, distributed systems, embedded devices, analytics, machine learning, cloud technology to streaming media platform and value-add services. The RnD teams work closely with all of our organization units from business, corporate, customer service, sales, finance, network engineering and operational teams to design and develop the best products and solutions to fulfill our company’s mission of bridging the global digital divide and providing the common people access to useful, affordable and innovative digital services.

Our Headquarters RnD lab is home to over 70 outstanding engineers, cultivating local talent through our university internship programs and attracting repatriates to bring diverse research and development experience from the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.  This lab is responsible for the software development for our core products in Internet Services, Media Streaming Platform, and Value Added Services incorporating machine learning and big data analytics. It also features one of the country’s leading electrical engineering teams that has garnered a prestigious patent grant from the USPTO in 2019, bringing high tech innovations in WiFi, Power Systems, and Networking Devices.

Formerly Termaxia, Frontiir’s world-class Downtown Philadelphia lab is responsible for the advanced development of networked storage, scalable database and distributed systems solutions for Cloud applications. It has established a strong recruitment program to hire vetted engineering graduates from the University of Pennsylvania.  The lab has also retained Prof. Boon Thau Loo, RCA Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Distributed Systems Lab Director to be Frontiir’s Executive Advisor, keeping Frontiir RnD abreast of the latest high skills training curriculum and advanced research developments in academia.

The San Jose RnD lab is strategically located at the heart of Silicon Valley, recruiting unique talents and facilitating strategic engagement and partnerships with the local tech giants and world class universities.  The lab also extends a connection to the largest Burmese expatriate community in the US.  Much of the core networking technology development from Frontiir has originated from our Silicon Valley lab.

Frontiir’s Singapore Office is a growing lab, providing facilities to harness top local engineering talents.  It hosts regular job fairs and recruitment events, engaging in outreach activities to the large Burmese population residing in Singapore.