Frontiir’s co-founders, both MIT graduates and known international experts in WiFi systems, have spent several years designing networking architecture blueprints and collaborating with local engineers to develop unique solutions for broadband Wi-Fi access that is scalable, cost-effective, and high performance.

Frontiir’s WBAN infrastructure, based largely on Wi-Fi, is by far one of the most advanced and densest WiFi broadband delivery systems in the world, extending broadband internet access in places where fiber backhaul availability is the most challenging. By reducing CapEx while maintaining quality and scalability, Frontiir’s system and products help bridge the digital divide effectively. Most importantly, Frontiir affects a social impact through the sustainability of continuous improvements on technology development, engineering and operational efficiency.

The team has proven that their unique proprietary technical design is 20 times more capital-efficient than traditional network designs using technologies like LTE or FTTH, surpassing both reliability and quality.

For its innovation and impact, Frontiir was awarded 2018 ASEAN Business Award for SME Excellence in Innovation as well as ASEAN Outstanding Engineering award in 2019.