Blockage of Some Web Sites Based on Authority’s Directive

30 March 2020, Yangon

Frontiir’s mission is to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people and help bridge the global digital divide. After the launch Myanmar Net service four years ago, 1.6 million users in Myanmar now have access to internet with affordable prices, as low as 1,000 kyats for 5 days ($0.13 per day) of unlimited broadband internet.

In line with our mission, Frontiir believes in providing digital access to the population, and is committed to open access. Recently, in 2020 March, all operators and service providers in Myanmar received Directives to block child pornography and fake news sites on the internet, in accordance with the Myanmar Telecom Laws, Article 77 and 88 (b).

During the internal review process, it was found that a large number of the sites are listed as sites to be blocked internationally, under INTERPOL and United Nations office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEAP). However, for a few fake news sites that we were unable to have a conclusive assessment, we sought clarification from the Regulator and industry peers regarding those sites, and implemented as required. Frontiir Co. Ltd is incorporated under Myanmar laws, and the condition of the licenses granted required to follow such directives just as all Mobile Operators and other service providers had done. In accordance with Frontiir’s transparent policy, all restricted sites have explicit explanation on why they are blocked.

Frontiir remains committed to open and affordable access to the internet and will continue to participate and support in industry-wide constructive discussions and have continued dialogue on this matter with the key stakeholders.

Last edited – 6 May 2020