To provide support and care for the employees during COVID-19, Frontiir Quarantine Center was built following the rules and guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sport of Myanmar.

Frontiir built “Frontiir Quarantine Center” for our staff in November as the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic affected Myanmar. Staff who were asked to isolate by the authorities at a facility quarantine center (non-positive cases) can stay securely in our center.

The quarantine center operates under the rules and guidelines required by the Ministry of Health and Sports. An official letter will be given to show the relevant authorities that there was an official transfer to Frontiir Quarantine Center. 

The Center has capacity of 16 males and 8 females, separated with individual single rooms. Those staying will receive a care package and three meals daily. The Center will be supported by one cleaner and one facility support both day and night, as well as the help of volunteers during day time. Volunteers will be staying in a separate glass room and will not have any contact with others in the Center. 

The Frontiir Quarantine Center is fully supported by a doctor on call, as well as necessary and life-saving medical supplies in case needed. However, those who became ill or need medical attention will be transferred by ambulance to receive appropriate care at a hospital.