Bridging Global Digital Divide.


Our mission is to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people and help bridge the global digital divide.

Communication Services

The Frontiir Communications team is led by the best in the industry, composed of specialists in the field who held several U.S. Patents among them and well experienced engineers. We provide services to a wide variety of enterprise clients all over the country, ranging from ready to install Business Solutions packages to customized packages tailored to meet the clients’ unique business needs. From the initial contact, we provide one-stop solution services; starting with site surveys, network-mapping, hardware and system setup, quality assurance, documentation, to monitoring, maintenance and support.

Enterprise ICT

Frontiir provides Enterprise Information and Communications Technology (Enterprise ICT) services and solutions especially designed for Myanmar businesses. Our philosophy is to be successful together with our customers.To that end, the Frontiir team will work with each customer from planning and defining effective business processes to developing the solution and operating the service.
We have a strong track record of providing innovative solutions to deliver the most affordable and the highest performing capabilities to maximize price-performance relationship.

Sales and Distribution

Frontiir has strong partnerships with selective vendors to support your ICT equipment needs. We seek out the best performing device in each category and apply our criteria of whether it is the right match for Myanmar companies. You can rest assured on our competitive pricing in all the brands that are our partners with.
Our highly trained sales team will help you select the right product for each scenario if you need assistance. We also have training programs for resellers who need technical assistance.

Variety Of Services

Frontiir Launched UniNet To Leverage Technology In Universities

UniNet leverages leapfrogging technology to address key challenges in education sector. Frontiir funded and implemented as the first phase of UniNet 1) a campus-wide WiFi network covering indoor classrooms and labs, and outdoor locations over 10 acres at the UCSY (Bahan), 2) necessary core IT infrastructure on campus, and 3) high-speed inter-campus wireless network between UCSY (Bahan), ICTTI (Hlaing) and YTU.


Frontiir Powered 27th SEA Games as ICT Sponsor And Partner

For 27 th SEA Games, Frontiir provided technology for issuing and verifying Accreditation and private network to deliver the scores. To contribute to the 27 th SEA Games success, Frontiir donated the technology to quickly deliver the Game scores and to verify the Delegates. Frontiir will continue to work together with governmental agencies and the public to make the 27 th SEA Games a success for Myanmar.


Chin State Equipment Donation

Frontiir contributed equipment and expertise to setup communication system and to facilitate Disaster Response Software in partnership with ASORCOM (Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities), to aid in rehabilitation of hard hit Chin State. ASORCOM will be leading the deployment and operations of the wireless network to connect dozens of villages, most of which are without any communications method.


Work with us!

Frontiir welcomes for the talent of all experience levels and industries to join in our efforts.