Job Creation

One of the integral aspects of Frontiir’s business operating principle is job creation. Since 2013, Frontiir has created more than 30,000 jobs in Myanmar indirectly through its steady supplier program. We also directly employ more than 2,400 people in our organization and are still growing.

Through regular Job Fairs at Yangon HQ, which attracts 1,200 average attendance, Frontiir provides opportunities for both skilled and unskilled job seekers. Frontiir’s rigorous and structured training programs ensure that all employees will be able to quickly skill-up for the post needed as well as prepare for career growth opportunities.

Frontiir’s well established internship program is subscribed by universities across the country, providing opportunities for students with on-job training schemes. The transition procedure for Interns allows the talented students to be able to fast-track to permanent posts as soon as they graduate.